No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent. (Abraham Lincoln)
  • Mayor Parker learned about negligence/misconduct by city staff: 455 days ago
  • Number of days Parker has been breaking the law by ignoring the problem: 455
  • We Demand: (1) investigate, (2) reprimand, (3) take corrective/preventive action!


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Recent Quotes from NBC’s KPRC Forum

“I did read through much of your website and have a better understanding of the issue. I saw you address the City Council on municipal channel coverage but, at that time, could not decipher the bigger issue from your small turn at the microphone I applaud your efforts and agree with you that Public Works is the weakest link in our city and Mayor Parker consistently shows a lack of leadership into overhauling the culture of laziness, shoddy workmanship and lack of vision that seems to run rampant over there. I for one can’t wait for Parker and Cohen’s terms to end.”

“Thanks for taking the time to explain the situation; I saw the article this morning and was on the fence as to the “why” but now I understand what you’re doing and support you. For the naysayers, when was the last time YOU stood up for something important? Other than just griping about it online! I hope your health holds up and they give in soon.”


Problems and Solutions: what we need to do is simple and easyA NON-PARTISAN PROBLEM SPELLED OUT

This site is not about all governments being bad or about anarchism. So please calm down. The problem IS 100% non-partisan. It affects everyone – minorities, business owners, disabled people, LGBT community, property owners, immigrants, elderly and everyone in-between. Namely, a specific city department is failing to do the job for which the city is paying it – the Department of Public Works and Engineering. They are failing for one of two reasons: either they are negligent (and the documents below show that they are) or they are outright corrupt (and some of the documents below show that they may be). It is up to our leadership, including the City Council and the mayor, to investigate this.

We fought and researched this matter thoroughly for over 3 years, and we got to the bottom of this. Specifically, the massive collection of documents on this website (click to see) demonstrates that the city’s Department of Public Works and Engineering is

  • mismanaging traffic,
  • falsifying official public records,
  • discriminating citizens on the basis of national origin,
  • redlining neighborhoods based on income,
  • and generally violating civil rights and property rights.


What we want as a result of the Fix Local Government Campaign is this:

  1. Reprimand the wrongdoers,
  2. Correct the past errors,
  3. Initiate changes in the regulatory policies to prevent such problems in the future.

Why hasn’t this been done yet? According to written statements from numerous local officials, including Council Member Ellen Cohen as well as Mayor Annise D. Parker’s office: “No Council Member, nor their office, has direct control or authority over [the Department of Public Works and Engineering].” Namely, Traffic Operations, Public Works, and other entities in the city’s regulatory spectrum are directly or indirectly responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in the city’s revenues but don’t have an obligation to observe your property rights or civil rights… while no one has any control over them. This is a “dream come true” for a local government that wants to make money at the expense of your constitutionally granted freedoms. Is this the intent? Unlikely. It’s simply a mistake – one that can and must be corrected. Let’s go from “Houston: we have a problem!” to “Houston: we have a solution!”


Corrupt City of Houston officials manipulate and falsify official public records


Why is there a Hunger Strike in front of the City Hall? This affects everyone in the United States, so listen up! What’s the difference between a corrupt government worker and a magician? The magician returns your watch and your wallet after the performance. Are you a person of color, a minority, an immigrant? A single mom, an elderly person, gay, lesbian, or disabled? Perhaps you are a business operator or simply a property owner? Do you care about your civil rights? Do you care about your wallet? The good news is, you are not alone. The bad news is, our local government doesn’t care about these things as much as they should.

Please support the Fix Local Government campaign even if you don’t live in Texas. Because what’s happening in Texas can happen anywhere else. In Texas everything’s bigger, and perhaps that’s why we have to be the first to fight against abuse of power and corruption in the overgrown local government.Cify of Houston FRAUD in the city hall sanctioned by Mayor Annise D. Parker and Daniel Krueger the director of the Department of Public Works and Engineering


The system has failed, and our city’s leadership needs to fix it. Let’s help them. The massive evidence on this website demonstrates methodical falsification of public records, negligence by city employees, violation of civil and economic freedoms of Texas citizens, as well as using Houston’s LACK OF ZONING as an ‘escape clause’ to mismanage traffic and as a result to hurt business owners and property owners, to economically and racially discriminate, to REDLINE city neighborhoods, to harbor incompetent and negligent personnel in the city’s Department of Public Works and Engineering and specifically in Traffic Operations and in Public Works sections, and, finally – to generate excessive traffic ticket revenues to make the city budget look better at the expense of YOUR citizen rights and liberties.

We don't need your money, but your voice matters: sign our digital petition today - it only takes 2-3 minutes!

Does this story sound too much like the introduction to the debate about removing the stop light cameras a few years ago? Perhaps. And you can thank Council Member Michael Kubosh for collecting 50 thousand signatures to end that lawlessness. Am I unhappy with Houston Police Department? Not at all – I believe cops are doing a good job in our city. Am I advocating zoning in Houston because it’s the biggest city in the United States without zoning ordinances? Not at all. I believe any city can survive without zoning. However, a city that chooses not to implement zoning and therefore lacks objective criteria for classifying each property as either residential or commercial has a FINANCIAL and ETHICAL responsibility to observe our constitutional rights, including civil rights AND property rights. And this is true whether or not your community has a homeowners’ association or deed restrictions.

Stack of files with words 'top secret' in red color: Houston government is involved in fraud and public data falsification and manipulation


That’s where our local government has failed. HOW ELSE can you explain the city lying to you for 3 years and disposing of and manipulating official public records to eliminate the paper trail and to justify new traffic control devices that were installed in your community without any statistical traffic management basis AND without asking for your opinion or permission OR an opinion or permission of your homeowners’ association?

How else can you explain that your local city traffic officials can disallow DAYTIME parking within your block in as a measure against so-called “unattended OVERNIGHT parking”? THIS IS ALL IN WRITING ON THIS WEBSITE…

Anti-discrimination posterHow else can you explain that the City of Houston has the right to change parking signs in front of the home of your admitted and vocal racist neighbors next door without your permission while the signs in front of YOUR home can’t be changed without THEIR approval? Documents that show this are all on this website.

Or how about restricting parking in front of your home or business because you 27-foot-wide street is supposedly too narrow to handle a traffic flow of under 40 cars per hour in all directions combined?

Martin Luther King photograph at the podiumHow else can you explain that the city takes less than a month to install a new traffic control device within your block “on a whim” – because one person called them to request it – without conducting any traffic study but then takes nearly over 6 months to respond to your complaint about it? Better yet, the city sends out traffic investigators at 4 o’clock in the afternoon to conduct traffic flow for early morning hours in your block? And our local government has the tenacity to put this travesty in writing.

Or, if you are a business owner, how about the city refusing to issue a block permit to you (unless of course, your culturally intolerant neighbors sign off on it first) and installing signs to restrict parking near your business – during business hours – on the false premise that a high school located half a mile away is overpopulated and lacks adequate parking facilities?

And what if, after all this, your local government also told you that doing all these things is perfectly legal – because (a) all these unconstitutional activities are apparently granted to your local government in writing by traffic management rules and guidelines, and because (b) there is nothing you can do about it?

Local government is now like FBI and CIA: they do what they want and no one has any authority over themAnd for the cherry on top, how can you explain that – according to at least THREE independent official sources – “No Council Member, nor their office, has direct control or authority” over traffic management? Perhaps, that’s THE problem!? That’s right. Like the CIA and the FBI, Public Works in the city of Houston is now an entity of their own. And one of their deputy directors recently wrote in an official statement, for example, that a city block where over 70% of occupants were business owners is “BASICALLY A RESIDENTIAL AREA”.

The spaceship of Daniel P. Krueger, PE, the Director of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering


Dear Mr. Daniel Krueger, the Director of the Department of Public Works and Engineering… Is this what the future of our beautiful city “BASICALLY” looks like? And if so, where – in that strange future – do you “BASICALLY” plan to park your spaceship?

Dear Annise Parker – the Houston mayor. Have you read the local government code? Are you aware that it is your job to investigate negligence by the city employees? Perhaps you didn’t know. Well, this is your call for action. Good luck, because – based on the evidence we provided on this website – our rapidly growing city is failing at traffic management, and so we need one of two things:

  1. we need a major overhaul of all traffic management guidelines affecting Public Works, Traffic Operations and the Planning Commission… OR
  2. we need to take another vote on implementing zoning in the city of Houston to stop this lawlessness.

Corruption is City of Houston local government: Annise D. Parker, Dnaiel Kruger, Department of Public Works and Engineering


This is not a prank, boys and girls. All of this is happening today. And the last thing our corrupt local government expects is that you will have the guts and the time to build a website to expose this ugliness and to stand in front of your city hall and declare a hunger strike to stop it. Because that may be the only way to get our respectable City Council to re-evaluate the situation and to start making changes.

Well, you are in luck. Because you don’t have to do anything, except visit this website – – and submit your petition; this will take less than 3 minutes. Support the Fix Local Government campaign and demand that the City of Houston stop cheating you of your civil rights and economic freedoms because they want the biggest “bang” per linear curb-foot from traffic ticket revenues. doesn’t need your money – only your voice! So, please check out the EVIDENCE section on this website, and voice your support by going to and tell others to do the same.

Red petition button on grey artistic keyboard


Also, please follow us on Twitter at to stay up to date on the progress of my Hunger Strike and on my location in the city – I will show up to protest at 7:30 every morning until we FIX the HOUSTON GOVERNMENT together. Come by and say hello and check my weight if you want – I will have a scale with me (or you can bring your own). I am not taking a bite of food 24×7 – only water – until our city leadership regroups and starts observing our civil rights and constitutional freedoms – the job that we hired them to do. Government is NOT a business.


Show Support for Fix Local Government CampaignFINAL WORDS

Why are my wife and I not simply suing someone over this? Because this predicament is NOT about us, ladies and gentlemen. It is about you. I am not doing this to fix my city block. Don’t get me wrong – I want to. But my objective is to FIX our local government, and that takes a lot more than a discrimination lawsuit against my city or my stupid racist neighbor.

Remember: redlining and discrimination and corruption and government negligence can happen and do happen everywhere. So, please support our program even if you live outside of Houston. Every voice counts.

– Fix Local Government Campaign


Annise D. Parker - the Houston Mayor is confused when faced with allegations of corruption and incompetenceHello, visitor! Curious about this site? It is NOT about Annise Parker. But it is about issues that exist while she is the mayor of Houston – the largest city in the world without zoning.

My wife and I live in the 2900 block of Ferndale in the Upper Kirby area. I am an American but I was born in Ukraine. I have survived communist oppression in Kiev and escaped as a refugee to the United States. I worked as a street musician, and survived. I also survived working for minimum wages as well as college and unemployment. Finally, I survived as a self-employed person, survived crossing the Bermuda Triangle on a broken sailboat, and survived climbing Mount Annapurna in Nepal. I also have survived and continue enjoying my 10-year marriage (and my only marriage) to my wife Elena.

But… I have a hard time living when I know that my (or your) civil rights or property rights are neglected by our local government. I know that they are trying to treat everyone fairly, but they must admit that one important part of “trying” is making mistakes from time to time. A mistake was made that deeply affected my family’s dignity, honor and budget. In turn, I learned that mistakes like this happen – behind the scene - all the time, because Houston’s Department of Public Works and Engineering is responsible for negligence, falsification of public records, discrimination, redlining, and general failure to observe our civil rights and property rights. For three years I fought like a nice guy – calls, letters, discussions. It’s all useless – no one cares, and everyone hopes you will just walk away. But I don’t. This website exposes most of what I know, but my collection of evidence is growing every day. Mistakes like this are easy to fix. But if “the fix” doesn’t happen, it means that the GOVERNMENT needs fixing instead. You be the judge. Give us your vote today!